What is this?

So what’s this whole blog thing about anyway? I’m supposed to make an online diary entry for the world to see? Guess I’ll start this blog thing then— I’m FAT! I can’t remember the last time I was skinny. Actually, skinny has never been part of my life. When lovely, beautiful me was  brought into this world,  I surprised my parents with my abnormally long, abnormally large self–SURPRISE!

FastForward twenty five years… I’m still fat; obese as the doctors like to call it, unhealthy as my mother likes to call it, and disgusting as I like to call it. I think I have done every diet imaginable. Tried SlimFast, Weight Watchers  (currently on that- working great, as i’m writing this eating a bag of chips), NurtiSystem, Resort for fellow overweight friends, low carb, no carb- EVERYTHING!

I guess we’ll start with a story? So three years ago I’m at WalMart, and I pick out this cute (well at least what I think is cute) sweater cape– my mother decides to yell at the top of her lungs “that’s a sweater for fat people“, I love my Jewish mother who cannot keep her thoughts to herself or pretend for one moment to like what I like, a winner from across the row yells ” Oh, she’s not fat, she’s just pleasantly plump”, thanks, lovely American stranger, way to make me feel like a blimp!

I’ve decided that I’m exhausted at looking in the mirror and seeing the Michelin Man..


  1. Dale · November 26, 2012

    You’re beautiful just as you are. You have beautiful arm and nice eye.

    Hazard Off

  2. Rachelle Cara · November 26, 2012

    I love you. please write more ..

  3. Dale's Dog · November 27, 2012

    Dale, shut up. I hate you.

  4. Dale · November 28, 2012

    @Dales Dog – You’re right. I’m sorry I tried to get rid of you. You’re my best friend!

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