A Plump Girls Best Friend

No, a plump girls best friends are not Ben and Jerry! One thing I could not live without is my sweater cape. These long, over fabric-ed goodies are the greatest invention. I especially love these because even on my worst days, I can still look amazing. Sweater capes can hide rolls, stained t-shirts (due to coffee spillage) and unmatched white bras with black t-shirts! (my mom especially loves that one)

I myself, own quite a few sweater capes, black ones, brown ones, grey ones- any type of sweater cape, I have it. I also have a vest cape, it’s kind of weird because its super long and I always feel like fatwoman off to save the world.

I can’t wait for the day I won’t need my capes anymore, but until then, I’ll keep feeling like a special superhero.

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