Story Time

So, I hate winter. Like, I can’t even begin to explain how much I hate it. My brother got me this coat last year, that I swore I would fit into this year- I fit into it, but I feel l look like a stuffed sausage. Anyway, in the winter of 2005, I had my high school ski trip. I was so excited to go, because I would hang out with all my friends, and look really cool skiing; couldn’t wait! Anyway, packing up for this trip, I realized I only had a pair of snowpants from when I was twelve years old and under 100 pounds. I decided to take them because I had no time or patience to shop. First day on this exciting ski trip, I get ready, and gee whiz, the pants don’t zip up. What’s the worst that can happen! So I’m on the ski hill, trying to impress all the cool kids with my cool ski moves, I noticed my tummy tum was getting a bit cold, but didn’t think anything of it. Three hours later, I’m lying in my bedroom being poked by my grade 10 science teacher… cool.Turns out I had frost bite on my stomach due to the pants not zipping up. This frost bite lasted a nice five years. just recently got the feeling back, so exciting, so much to do with it now!

Anyway! Bundle Up! Stay Safe! Image

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