Lazy Me

I AM SO LAZY! My favorite pastime is doing NOTHING.

So I have a dog, I really think I’m a terrible pet owner because, instead of actually walking my dog, I bring a ball with me out on these so-called “walks”, sit on the grass and throw the ball at him so he gets exercise- and I wonder why the vet has diagnosed him with obesity! Like mommy, like son. Anyway, more about my dog, lets just call him Genius for fun. He really takes after me. He loves running into walls, sleeping all day, cuddling, rolling in mud (I just like to get my clothes dirty, same thing). Anything that can go wrong with Genius, does- he flies into a tree, thus getting burrs stuck on his face, we had to shave his face and leave him with a hairy body, he has a collapsed lung, so he breathes funny, he’s sprained his paws a couple of times, gotten trees stuck in paws, ear infections almost weeklyImage.


He’s just a klutz and I love him. I think I love him most because I can tell him all my secrets and he won’t judge me. I wish he didn’t have to pee at 3 am though. That wasn’t nice last night, Genius!

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