F!@# B#$% W#$%



Anybody that knows me, knows that I don’t swear. Not that I don’t swear, I won’t swear. On multiple occasions, my mother has offered me thousands of dollars to say F U C K, and I refuse to.

Maybe it’s because I was traumatized that time I said it at four years old. She warned me that if that word came out of my mouth, then I would get soap in my mouth- HA! Like she would actually put soap in her childs mouth; so I tested her. Two seconds after the F- word came out of my mouth, I found myself at the kitchen sink with a Dove soap bar in my mouth, I’m not sure why, but I decided to bite it ( I was probably hungry). I remember suds coming out of my mouth as the mailman came to the door, and he gave me this strange face. Needless to say, from that day I don’t say the F-word… or B-word, or W-word, or any word. I can spell it… FUCK.

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