So my mom always told me that I had hammer toes. Hammer toes are those really unfortunate ugly toes you get when you wear shoes that are too small for you– yup, guilty. Whenever I go shoe shopping, the only thing left are either the really ugly old lady styles, or the new season shoes that no one wants to buy in vomit green or florescent yellow. I take the yellow because I want to look like the cool kids, and I want my feet to stand out. Sue me. If there are no ugly coloured shoes left, I’ll settle for a pair that are too small. That’s where the hammer toes come in. 

I have always been known to trip over things, or people. I’m not sure if this is because of my large flippers, or because I just recently started wearing my glasses only two years ago. I’ll say it’s because of the flippers, because I’m still falling all over people and breaking things no matter where I go. 

When I  was in grade seven, I wanted to feel like the rest of the short little private school kids. My mom wanted me to feel like I fit in also, so she caved and let me buy these crazy Steve Madden platforms. Keep in mind, I was already 5″8 at 12 years old. Anyway, I would tower over all these small rich kids who were the same age as me. One day the evil principal who hated me, (probably because I was taller than him), told me that I wasn’t allowed to wear those platforms because there were complaints about my height. 

Ok. This story is making me angry. Until tomorrow… 

One comment

  1. Dale · December 2, 2012

    You still have flippers my little hammer 🙂

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