Fat Girls and Jeans



Is it just me, or do all fat girls out there have the same problem as me? I don’t understand; I have a pretty face (so I’m told) and skinny legs, skinny arms, I just have this tire. Shopping for jeans is probably the hardest thing ever. If I buy a pair of jeans in my size, it looks like I’m wearing sweatpants, and I just look like a moron. Buuuuut, if I’m buying a pair of jeans that are three sizes too small, it’s like –“HELLO, CHECK OUT THESE LEGS”. People tell me I have nice legs too. All I know is that I’m lucky, because I hear when you’re fat(ter), your legs rub together and it really hurts and stuff. I’m happy I don’t have the fat leg syndrome.

Anyway, so today I’m wearing this size 30 jean, and let me tell you, this is NOT my size! I think my stomach went numb around 8:55, when I put these pants on around 8:25, it’s ok though… everyone is noticing that I’m wearing jeans. I prefer to wear leggings, but my mom tells me that fat girls wear leggings…. where’s that lady right now when I need her to tell me I’m not fat, just pleasantly plump?


  1. Anessa · December 3, 2012

    I don’t agree with “only fat girls wear leggings.” I see people around my office wearing leggings all the time…and they are toothpicks. It’s all in the way that you wear them. Leggings can be fashionable too!

    I hear you on the jeans though. My advice? Buy the bigger size so it fits your waist, but have the legs tailored to make them more narrow. A little more expensive but totally worth not having your stomach go numb!

  2. Mandzypoo · December 7, 2012

    Amen sista! Love my skinny legs & pretty face, hate my muffin top any fkn time I wear jeans! It hurts! Waaahhhh. Speaking of which I’m wearing jeans right now and regretting it. Shoulda at least worn jeggings!

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