The Gym

Margaret Steinberg and I attend the gym together weekly. To be honest, whenever I see her name on my phone, I want to throw it against the wall because it’s always something like “Hilly… let’s go to the gym tonight” or “gym tonight, yay” ” i love zumba, gym time in one hour”. It’s really sweet of her and all, but I’m just too lazy beyond words. I know she wants to see me succeed, but sometimes, when I’m sitting at my desk at work all day, all I can do is daydream about my amazing new comfy bed(Thanks to Donald Chow). Margaret Steinberg has a wedding in just over a year… JEALOUS! So like, she totally has a reason to be all excited to go to the gym. I still go, and I enjoy the classes with the older ladies, and middle aged men, because I feel like I really know what I’m doing– like people are watching me to know what move comes next. Go me! I mostly like wearing gym clothes because for some reason I find I get all the nice looks from the creepy taxi drivers and old homeless men. Not sure what it is, but these men seem to have a thing for pleasantly plump girls in workout gear.


  1. Margaret Steinberg · December 7, 2012

    The best thing about our gym.. is that there are people of all well as shapes and sizes! Confidence boost!

    • hillarycohen · December 7, 2012

      Margaret Steinberg— thank you for pushing me!

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