$5 Sugar Coffees

High school was the first time I was really allowed to be left alone, and spend my own money. I had a summer job, and made a whopping $500 in two months (slave labor wtv). Anyway, going to school downtown, there were funky coffee shops on every corner. Every morning I would stop by this really fun one, where this very eclectic man in different cowboy hats for every day of the week, would give me samples of different cakes to try. This man knew how to run a business because let me tell you, I was there every morning! Anyway, one Tuesday morning, into the second month of high school, and I go to swipe my bank card and it says “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS”. I’m absolutely mortified. That morning, I was very unhappy not to have my coffee.

It turns out that I had spent $500 in two months on fancy coffees, cookies, croissants and along with that, I probably went up two pant sizes. That was when I started wearing Parasuco’s and developed the muffin top with a shirt that was two sizes too small.

Anyway, so my mom made fun of me for being broke and spending all my money on coffee. She told my grandma Gillian about this and to this day, she still questions my spending habits and says “Hillary darling, I hope you’re not spending all your money on those $5 sugar coffees. They’re very bad for you. Your figure doesn’t like them and either does your bank account”

My grandmother and my mother are quite alike, it’s actually quite funny. Very critical.

P.S I wore dark purple lipstick yesterday…. oh boy did she have something to say!

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