I’m Sick

Hey Y’all, 

So I’m not sure if its sad that I enjoy being sick. The doctors say its gastro or the flu, who knows, whatever it is, it isn’t pleasant. I spent Saturday night in the hospital with an IV, it wasn’t fun. They put me on this metal board to sleep on, while all the skinny folks got real hospital beds with rails.  Anyway, after my first day of regurgitating all food that entered my system, I was thrilled to get on the scale the next morning. I was so happy to see that I had lost four pounds. Now, I want to go to the fridge and eat everything in sight. However, I know that I will probably hate myself later for it. My mommy made me the yummiest chicken soup, I was so upset when I was only able to eat one bite, because it’s just so deliciously yummy and you can tell it was made with love. Back to bed for now. If anyone wants to come take care of me, I’ll forward you my address and give you a mask! 

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