My Mama Always Told Me

Growing up, my mama always told me “Fat girls only buy shoes and purses”. My mom is always right. I have a TON of purses, and a crazy amount of shoes. I do this thing though where I abuse the hell out of a pair of shoes that I like at the moment. I wear them for like a month, and then my relationship with the shoes is over. I don’t throw them out. We all know I have a hoarding problem. I still have a pair of knee high boots with a broken heel in my entrance. I like to tell myself I’m just making a fashion statement. Donald Chow got me this AMAZING Michael Kors bag last year, only thing was, it was a white bag. We all know how I am with staining myself. Anyway, I am so proud to say that I only stained this bag once, and cleaned it right away! Donald was so proud of me!

On another note,I’ve had this friend Rhoda Clarice Greenberg Adams  since I was born. Well, since I was like two, I think. She’s so nice, and always encouraging me to write new blog posts. Rhoda Clarice is not like Barb, in fact she’s quite special, she always makes me feel special at work, and not like one of the fat kids who works with all the skinny girls at a fashion company plump girls. Her daughter Sarah Gillian is going to grow up and be beautiful like me some day. She’ll buy lots of clothes though, not purses and shoes.


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