Being Healthy

I’m trying really hard to be healthy. I got one of those lunchboxes that helps in like making a huge salad, and a small spot for a pigeon sized protein portion, and a small carb area, its like a cool little lunchbox thingy. Anyway, I worked so hard on my lunch on Wednesday night. I packed it perfectly, weighed my meat,. measured my salad dressing.  I had italian, yuck, I like ranch. Anyway, I get on the metro yesterday morning all happy to be with my smart, healthy economical less than $5 lunch. As I walk into work I look down, and realize that my lunch is gone! Someone stole my lunch! I should stop blaming others though, really. I probably just left it there, and now the homeless man with his stomach hanging out snoring every morning is probably enjoying filet mignon with a small baked potato and a large salad with italian dressing. I hope you’re happy old man, I licked my fingers when I put it in there.

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