Elephant In Heels

I used to live on the second floor of an apartment building. I got the bigger bedroom in the place, and really thought that I lucked out–wrong! Every evening at 9:00pm I would hear what sounded like an elephant in heels dancing around the apartment. My lamp would shake and everything on my dressers would fall off. It was a mini earthquake but only I felt it. I assumed there was a large lady above me dancing around learning how to dance on a pole. because the noises that came from above were absolutely ridiculous. One night, I had had enough, and had to confront this elephant face to face. I bravely knock on the door, ready to explode and tell her that she should not be wearing high heels anymore, and to walk on her tippy toes like a ballerina. To my surprise, this skinny, super nice girl answers the door and I just want to hit her! Turns out she was working out on her elliptical in the exercise room, which was right above my room. Whatever, I didn’t have enough rooms for an exercise room, there’s my excuse. Anyway, I recently moved out, and now I live on the first floor. Genius gets a lot of exercise as now I can throw the ball around the apartment and no one will complain.

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