No Amount of Plastic Surgery Can Fix Your Hideous Personality

I may be significantly overweight, but three things I can say about myself, are that I’m beautiful, (not just a pretty face), selfless, and a great friend. Growing up, I always wanted to be the cool kid because I was so abnormally large. I wanted to do what the cool kids did. I had this friend once, (who backstabbed me one too many times, and I’ll probably get a Facebook Friend Delete after this post) and we would sneak out of our houses at 3:00 am to go eat greasy fattening food. It’s like I was asking to get fatter. Overnight, I had ballooned, and no idea how it happened; well I did, but I was in denial. Anyway, while I’m eating all this greasy food, I’m trying to fit in wearing these low cut belly shirts- LITERALLY BELLY, not the sexy kind, and tight jeans that would cut off my circulation. Not only was I not fitting in with the cool crowd, the nerds even started to look at me with funny faces.

People can go on diets, lose weight, get surgery, but- none of this will make them a better person or change them from being an evil conniving b!@#$. I am a good person, and a good friend, and when I decide for real that I want to lose this weight once and for all, I will, and remain the same person I have always been.

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