My Fairytale



As little girls we dream of our fairytale weddings, and dresses and pretty rainbows and butterflies. But at fifteen years old, my dream was to blast through a cardboard fat picture of me on the Oprah show, to show off my new skinny svelte body! I’ve spent hours in front of the TV watching these newly skinny healthy people talking to Queen Oprah discussing their new lives, and what it feels like to be this new person. Needless to say, that never happened. It won’t happen. Not because I won’t lose the weight, because I KNOW I WILL, but because Oprah got rid of her show before I was able to get rid of my excess weight.

Maybe Bethenny will ask me to be on her show someday. She’s cool, and skinny; and works hard on being skinny. She tries, which makes me like her even more. So sorry about the divorce girl!

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