Grandma Gilly and Papa Zack



Last night I went to visit my Grandma Gillian and Papa Zack. I’m so lucky to have grandparents. Grandma Gillian really knows how to make a fat girl feel fat. I also just want to mention, that she reminded me she didn’t call them $5 Sugar Coffees, she actually called them $5 Boutique Coffees. Anyway, while FaceTime-ing with the entire family, she turns the camera over to me and says “Take a look, this is the last time you will see Fat Hillary. Say goodbye”. I guess at a certain age, you lose your filter and you’re allowed to say whatever you want. Papa Zack is the nicest man on this planet. He would do anything for his grandchildren, mostly for me– because I know I’m his favorite (Sorry M, J, C, A, R, D) 

So since Grandma Gilly told me this was the first day to the rest of my life since I started my liquid diet (DISGUSTING), she said I should take some before and after pictures. Any advice on these pictures? Should I do it Biggest Loser style, or just wear clothes that are extremely tight and make me look like a jolly giant. 

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