A (Sort Of) Apology To Skinny Girls

My Auntie Manny Ginger and I went to the casino this weekend, and on the way there she mentioned to me that I sounded a little angry and jealous  at skinny people. I just want to clarify that skinny people are not my problem. I do not hate skinny people, and I hold nothing against you for having great genes. Thank your parents and your family for that. I am jealous of the image you give off as being such carefree happy people with no worries in the world. She was right though, when I said I was jealous, that’s true. I wish I was happy with myself, but I’m not. Hopefully this surgery will help me at not being such a bitter person, and not blaming all the skinny people for my problems. I love food, and I brought this upon myself. I am using this surgery as a tool to help me to learn to love me! Christina Hane told me wise words from Whitney: the greatest love of all is learning to love yourself. I know this journey will be rough and tough, and very hard. This surgery is not an easy way out, but it’s a tool that will help me succeed because I have struggled for twenty five years on my own.

All this being said, this doesn’t mean that “A Note to Skinny Girls” will end, or my ranting about skinny people will stop. I still will. I will always be jealous, but I can’t wait to make everyone else jealous of me.

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