This Is Reality

Monday morning, I walk in to the admitting department of the hospital not knowing what’s about to come my way. I expected hospitals to have long wait times, so I anticipated having about an hour of dillydallying time. WRONG. They took me in right away. So as I walk into the Operating Room Floor, this overly friendly man immediately asked me to disrobe and put all my clothes in a garbage bag? (What is this, prison?). I’m sitting in this chair half naked waiting for the OR nurse to come get me. All these doctors keep walking by me with lunch boxes, so I figure I’ve got at least thirty minutes to take a quick nap. I close my eyes, and then all of a sudden, just as I close my eyes- this large, heavy set woman comes and calls my name. We walk the halls together, and she puts this gorgeous shower cap on me, instructs me to sit in this normal sized bed. You would think for bariatric surgery they would at least give you a double; yeah right. Suddenly at that moment, it all became real. Doctors kept coming up to me, introducing themselves, poking me with needles and putting strange clothing on me. As I’m put on the operating room table, the last thing I hear is : “ok, we’re going to inject Propofol now”… I respond with “isn’t that how Michael Jackson died?”… Then I took a long nap…

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