A Note To Skinny Girls

Dear Skinny Girls,

I finally know what it feels like to be one of you when it comes to eating. Like yesterday at lunch for example, I had one bite of chicken and then I said “Oh, I’m full”… I felt amazing because I was actually full, and I didn’t need to lie about it and have to starve myself. I’m actually getting a lot of attention now everywhere I go. People say I look good, and that I’m eating so little, and always asking me questions. In twenty-five years, I have never felt so popular. Except for when I was a baby of course and everyone wanted to come up to me and play with me and tell me how beautiful I was and how much I should be a model blah blah blah.

I’m starting to like this new me, this new attitude (even though two days ago I was upset that I can’t eat as much) I’ve seen skinny people that when they lose their popularity, they lose their mind and eat everything in sight, because they’ve never really had the opportunity to enjoy food like a fat girl does… that won’t be the case for me, because I’m starting the skinny girl diet 25 years after you!


Almost Skinny Girl

One comment

  1. 220fatgirl.com · March 3, 2013

    This is great. You seem to have a great hold on things and don’t worry…you will find yourself among the skinny girls. They just have to make way!


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