Happy 4th of the Month to ME!

Today marks the one month anniversary of me having my surgery. Exactly thirty days ago today, the doctors so nicely let me take a nap and cut me open to change my life forever. I really didn’t think I would be able to stick to it, because I can’t stick to anything, except eating. I love to eat. Now, I’ve focused all my energy on this blog, and making people laugh. I got on the scale today, to do my one month weigh in, and I am officially (on my scale) down 35 pounds. I never in my life thought it would be possible for me to lose that much weight. When people ask me how much weight I plan on losing, I always answer with “oh, I’d be happy losing between 60-80 pounds”. It’s hard to believe that I’m already half way there. Obviously now, it takes a bit longer because the weight doesn’t come off as fast (but who cares, it still comes off)

Food is the enemy. Food was never my friend. All food wanted me to do was to hang out with it all the time and for me to chew it up. Well food, it’s over- and I’ve never been happier to have you out of my life. I thought it would be hard, and I thought that I would stay mad at you forever. I also thought that we would never have a normal friendship in moderation.


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