Nothing But Smiles

This past Friday, I did my usual A Note to Skinny Girls. Not only did I get the most feedback, and comments on a post, but I was also confronted by the bully herself. To be honest, at the beginning, I was furious, and upset and wanted to ramble more about what she and others had done to me during childhood. After thinking about this for about a minute  ten minutes, I just stopped being angry, and then the biggest smile came on my face. My blog has made it so far to the point that it is affecting people around me. My characters in my blogs all have made up names, and the fact that someone took the time to study my post and really look into it, makes me feel so great.

Now, there were a couple of things that were mentioned to me that I would just like to clarify with the blog world.

1) Bullying is a bad bad thing. Bullying happens no matter what your weight, age, height, color, income. This blog is aimed at helping fat girls, or kids in general. I am telling my personal story and doing so in a humorous way. It’s been over fifteen years since I’ve been bullied. I will not blame one person for the way I turned out, but I will sometimes go back and think about how poorly I was treated. I do not see any harm in doing that.

2) I don’t hate skinny people. In fact I love them. Skinny people are people too, and I understand that at times they could get bullied for their looks as well. Some people are born with good genes and some people aren’t. I just happened to get the fat genes, unlike most of the people around me.

3) In order to get this surgery, I needed to go through a long process of therapy as well as questioning and hard thinking if this was the right thing to do. Clearly I was ready for this, as the doctors approved of this surgery and were ready to cut me open.

4) Healthy is my goal, not skinny.

I won’t dwell on this subject any longer, as there is no point in continuing to ramble about the same garbage. I am happy now. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Things just seem to be looking up, and the scale just seems to be going down.

If you don’t like what I have to say, there’s that red “x” at the top of your window; go ahead and close that and go play on Facebook and stalk some people you haven’t spoken to in years.

I don’t blame anyone for the way I turned out, I can’t! I can only be proud of myself for the person I’m becoming.


35 pounds down! Look at that huge smile on my face!


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  1. Sharisa · March 12, 2013


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