Another Miracle!



Today, something magnificent happened. We all know about the miracle that occurred last week, and this one is on the same page. I am a very jolly giant. So jolly in fact that when I wear heels I’m almost as tall as Shaquille O’Neal. Also, when I don’t wear heels I’m still some sort of Lakers basketball player.

Anyway, back to what I was saying about being so jolly and giantesque. Growing up I always had to wear dresses as shirts because the extra fabric would be more flattering on me and I’d get like an extra three inches of room in my shirts to fit in my super cute teeny tiny tummy (ya right!). This morning, I put on my regular pair of panty hose with the usual run in them, and decided that maybe I should try one of my shirt/dresses on to see how my progress was going. So, I put it on. It fits, and it flows and I look normal. It’s a little short, but I don’t care because I have these fantastic legs that people wish they had! I feel so pretty and flowy, but to be honest: when I look in the mirror I feel like I look like a little figure skater wearing something Julia Roberts should have worn in Pretty Woman. To be even more  honest, I don’t care, I’m confident in how I look. Not only is this dress now a dress, but there is actually room in it! It’s worn how the models in the magazines show it should be worn!

Miracles keep on happening!

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