The Worst Letter In The Alphabet



C is for cookie that’s good enough for me. X is for Extra Large that’s made for large fatties. I hate the letter X. Today’s post is brought to you in part by the letter X. The letter X is a terrible terrible, terrible, ugly, frightening letter that makes fat people feel even fatter. Who even thought that X would be a nice letter anyway? It just looks so mean and full of anger.

When shopping for clothes, I always needed to go to the bottom of the pile of neatly folded t-shirts to make a mess, or to the back of the racks to find the sizing starting with X. On a really good today I’d be an XXL. However on fat days, I could go up to XXXL. You know you’ve gotten to the point that you’re really fat when they start putting numbers in front of the X’s because there isn’t enough room to fit all those hideous letters on the tag! That X never wanted to leave my life. It was just this evil letter that would lurk around like a creepy mouse in the house and never leave.

I love that I finally see an L closer to the X now. Shopping in regular stores and clothes looking normal on me makes me feel amazing. I’m down to an XL, and can’t wait to say goodbye to that evil little letter that likes to hang out in my closet.


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