Confessions and Changes

I think its time to come clean and tell the world that I have a problem. My closet in my bedroom doesn’t close. I can’t see the floor and I have so many clothes hanging and sitting all over my room that don’t fit me. I’m a hoarder. I like to keep everything. I collect clothes, newspapers, little bits of string, dolls, purses, anything! But mostly clothes that don’t fit me. I have old clothes from grade 6 that I hoped I could fit into one day. Last night, I tried on my vest from my awful grade eleven ski trip. It zipped up,but oh boy did I deserve to be called Pillsburgy Dough Girl!

Everything has sentimental value to me, and I can think of a zillion reasons why I shouldn’t throw things away – like “oh I bought that dress because that day the nice boy texted me and told me I was pretty, so now I need that dress and I never want to throw it away, because it brings me good look” or something like ” I looked so good when I was twelve and wearing it maybe it will look good on me again” or like ” my mom bought me this dress and so I never want to throw it away”. Throwing things away just makes me feel so sad, because like maybe one day I might want that dress back, and start looking all over for it, and then yell at myself because I shouldn’t have given that now-vintage dress away.

Now, I’ve organized my closet. One side has clothes with tags on them of items that do not yet fit me (but will very soon). The other side has all my purses and shoes because I love shoes, and come on –  all purses and all shoes fit fat girls. The last corner of my closet is filled with my yucky behemoth clothes and shleppy sweater capes that really don’t do anything for me anymore.

I need to donate baggy clothes and maybe, if you’re lucky, I’ll consider giving away some purses. (Only the fakes though) Anyone interested?

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