Face Meets World

Today, I am not plump. Today, I am smaller. Today I feel fantastic and today I feel great. I feel like people look at me now because they genuinely think I’m pretty, and want my good looks. I also am quite confident that people are now laughing with me and not at me. I am comfortable walking out of my house in my outfit knowing that it is TOO BIG, or just looks plain normal on me. I am comfortable with me.

I have gotten, not one, but two compliments today! Morris Levenstein told me that every Monday when he sees me, that I’m a different person, and another co-worker told me that I looked pretty today! Like HELLO!, I wasn’t wearing any makeup, and I didn’t blowdry my hair (sorry Mom!)- what do you see that I don’t see, super nice awesome complimenting co-worker?  I’m pretty without trying? OMG! It’s a miracle. Tell me more! More nice compliments please! Those people who told me I was pretty, and that I had a pretty face hidden under my fat were right! My face is coming out from hiding! Welcome face, I think it’s time we have a welcome home party for you. It’s time to celebrate, because you’ve been suffocating under cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets for far too long.

Today, I love me, and I hope to love me more every day a little bit more.

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