100 Posts


Today is my 100th post. I do not weigh 100 pounds. That would be super awesome though. I do however, weigh under 100 kilos and have never felt lighter. I’m so proud of myself.

As I am on a new path, I figured I would take time to communicate with people that I have had a falling out with in the past. I made it a point this week to apologize to all the people that I’ve wronged in my life. The people that I once blamed for my insecurities, the people that stabbed me in the back and I retaliated by posting a not so nice blog about them. All but one accepted what I have to say. To be honest with you, the people that listened, were the only people that mattered. From all those people who listened to what I had to say, and apologized for their actions in return, I thank you. It shows loyalty and maturity, and shows me hope that there is such a thing as decent people in this world.

I have never been in such a great place in my life, and I am so lucky to have such wonderful people around me, helping me and wanting to see me succeed. Being honest about my surgery, and letting everyone know, made me feel a lot better about everything, and I find that I now have an amazing support system around me. At the beginning of all of this, I was contemplating keeping this surgery to myself, and not letting anyone know. What’s the point in lying? Lying clearly didn’t get me far. If you can’t be honest with the world, then you can’t be honest with yourself. Some people may have self esteem issues and be embarrassed of “taking the easy way out”, but personally, I see it as being stronger.For people who have had any type of surgery, be honest with yourself. It feels so liberating to let everyone know what you’re going through.

The love and support that surrounds me is unimaginable!

At this point, nothing can bring me down; and a little piece of advice: jealousy is the ugliest quality one can have.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone who has supported me through this blog, and sent me such positive vibes concerning my weight loss. You truly are the people that matter!

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  1. hilaryflint · April 6, 2013

    You look great!

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