I’m (almost) Sample Size!



I work in the fashion industry, because I’m cool like that. I work for a company that sells clothes mostly to the skinnier, smaller demographic. Anyway, today is sample sale day, and I was all VIP and got to head to the front of the line to get all the fancy cool pretty stuff. So, while I’m walking around picking up things that I would love to fit into, I get a little bit excited, because I can actually see myself fitting into these things! I am so happy that I can buy normal(ish) sized clothing! I must admit though, the majority of the merchandise I picked up wasn’t exactly the most flattering at the moment, I know that these are inspirational clothes, and I was still able to fit it over my head and do up the zipper! Overweight girls usually always do the same thing. When they find something that fits them, they will buy the exact item in all colors it comes in. Take my closet for example. I have got 3 sweater capes, all different colors. 4 pairs of jeans, all different colors. It’s kind of sad when I say it out loud though. At this sample sale though, there was only one of each color, and size. So I felt super amazing about myself.

On another note, I know I’m getting skinnier healthier, because I’m starting to get the same clothes as other people in the office, and take part in “accidental dress like twins day”. Makes me feel so good about myself. Although, I’m not so sure how the skinny healthy girls feel about it.

I finally see a change and I have never been prouder in myself!

One comment

  1. Anessa · April 24, 2013

    sample sales eh? Care to share the wealth and send me some fun stuff down here?

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