Karma Is A Runt



As most people know already, I have no patience. I have absolutely no patience for stupid people, for annoying people, or even for rainbows and butterflies. I especially do not have patience for the people who ask me for food while I am sitting peacefully enjoying my deliciousness. My food is my food people. Didn’t your Mommy pack you a lunch today? Ridiculous that I need to pack my delicious lunch for you to harass me while I eat it.

Backtrack like fifteen years when I was in elementary school. My mom packed me the best lunch ever that had Dunk-A-Roos , and everyone would sit by my desk and watch me eat them. Like people seriously. Enough already. At least ask me for a trade, and then maybe then I’ll consider. But if you just want a bite, I’m not giving it up so easy. However, looking back, I think it’s karma. When I was in grade 1, the teacher punished me for pressing the buttons on the computer in the library. She told me to stand outside in the corner. While I was standing outside, I noticed a lunchbox just sitting there with no ones name on it. I decided to be curious, and open this lunchbox. Rummaging through, I saw an apple, pudding, tomato sandwich (ew) and then  I saw RUNTS. You know those treatsy candies shaped like fruits and stain your tongue? Ya, those! I figured since this box of treats was just hanging out, with no name and no owner, that I would take the runts and eat them. Now that I think about it, it was ever since that day that people come and ask me for my food.

To the little girl or boy who those Runts belonged to. I am sorry, if you tell me who you are, I will buy you another box, just to make this nightmare of people asking me for bites to go away. Please accept my apologies.

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