Vacations are so much fun. Vacations are especially fun when you get to lather yourself in oil, wear a skimpy bikini, and people watch all the “others” in their swim attire. I have never gotten to experience this type of vacation experience, I have always been the one people looked at with that funny gaze through their ten times too big sunglasses. Two years ago I went to Las Vegas. My mom told me not to go because she said that by being a fat girl, I won’t have as much fun as all the other skinny girls. I mean, I understand now what she meant by that. I spent my entire days from 8-4 hiding behind a tree getting the best sun. While I thought I was getting amazing sun, the truth was, I was hiding my tankini body from the rest of the world because I was embarassed. Everywhere I looked there were skinny girls, and gross looking men. But not like your usual skinny girls, those ultra platinum blonde, boney, gross looking ones. Really unattractive. Since 45 pounds are gone forever off my body, I feel like I should go to the beach again, and truly get to enjoy myself. So what if I don’t look like those models, at least I know I look amazing. 

So, any suggestions for my next vacation? 


  1. hilaryflint · May 22, 2013

    I just got back from Antigua and it is absolutely stunning there! We also stopped in Miami and South Beach is beautiful too.

  2. Anessa · May 23, 2013


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