Up In Flames


I meant it when I said that all people have addictive personalities. If this wasn’t the case, then why would over 80% of our population be on anti depressants? Yes, I am the first to admit, that I have an addictive personality. Whether we choose to believe this or not, we all have this trait, and as much as you tell yourself you are not that person, here’s a reality check– you are. For example, if you’re the worrying type, and you begin to dwell on something long enough, and let it take over your head, you are addicted to worrying, or suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; but who’s paying attention, right? To have an addictive personality, doesn’t only have to be seen as a detrimental quality, but in some cases, this can be acceptable and in some cases positive. 

While for the last twenty years this addiction was food, I am learning to ween it on to something else. Perhaps instead of developing an alcohol or drug addiction, I can take this addictive behaviour and turn it into something positive. I want to be the one that is addicted to working out, addicted to being healthy, addicted to love, addicted to helping others. Addiction isn’t always a negative thing; as antagonistic people may make it out to be. Admitting that I do suffer from these fixations, does not make me a weaker person. In fact, quite contrary, it makes me stronger. So what? I’m addicted to food. Who doesn’t like food. I wouldn’t have had my stomach surgically removed if there wasn’t a problem there. I’m opening up to the world, and not hiding it anymore. If I chose to hide this quality about me, then there would have been a bigger problem. 

So maybe my previous food addiction was my demise, but one thing’s for sure, feeling better, getting healthier, looking sharper and channelling my energy in positive ways every day is my new addiction!


  1. hilaryflint · May 30, 2013

    I think I’ve finally learned how to channel my addiction of food into something good. I started obsessing over health and to be honest, I see nothing wrong with it! I’ve been helping a lot of people around me understand real, true health and it feels great. I never thought I could find a “positive” way to spin my food addiction but I finally have! I think anyone can do it if they put their mind to it!

  2. goporcupine · May 30, 2013

    This is a great message. Most people are the addictive type you’re right! The biggest challenge is learning to channel your addictions from negative to positive. Being addicted to health and fitness as you have been is a great start and I encourage you to stick with it! You can do this! x

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