Give Me A Little Boost

I’m running out of inspiration. I feel like all I talk about it is how much I love food, and then how much I hate food. How fat I am, and then how skinny I’m getting. Then it’s all about how people hate me and judge me and then how people should be jealous of me.

I need help! Maybe my readers can give me a little inspiration?


  1. Laur · June 25, 2013

    Hey Hilary ,
    I have been reading your blog and think what your doing is great. I have felt the same struggles as you and personally I think you are on the right track with how you feel. I think it’s normal for you to have all this conflicting feeling. Stick to your goals, stay true to who you are and everything will fall into place. Kept up the good work !

  2. heymacks · June 25, 2013

    I man I know the feeling but keep going though! Personally I really enjoy reading your posts ūüôā

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