Today I discovered that I’m a horse. I am no longer a human, I am a little pony. Seriously, neiiiiggggh. I hope that’s the sound horses make. Anyway, the reason I discovered I was a horse, was because I get bored easily. I like to have something occupy my attention constantly, and when I don’t, I turn to food. Food is something that occupies my brain, my tongue and me in general.

I graze. I’m a horse, and I graze on food all day to keep me from getting bored. I’ve decided from here on out, that I will visit my local dollar town and buy some crossword puzzles, and glitter paint, to do some arts and crafts all day.

Grazing has kept me from losing my weight quicker than most people. After my 6 month checkup yesterday, it seems as though, snacks I thought were healthy, were in fact terrible for me. I was grazing on seeds like a stupid koala bear. These seeds cost me 1000 calories PER DAY. My normal caloric intake is supposed to be less than that. I’ve learned that seeds should be eaten in two year old form, and basically, I just can’t eat a whole bag in an entire week.

It feels so freeing that I can admit to being a grazing horse. No more seeds for me.

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