Las Vegas

So, Donald and I decided that it was finally the right time to take a vacation. While some may argue that my time off from work after my recent surgery counted as a vacation (seriously, if you think that, then you are a sad individual in desperate need of a hobby) I believe that this is something I really need! Anyway, so while looking for a vacation, my first one since July of last year, I’m thinking to myself, “what would a skinnier person want to do?” Beaches are fun and all, and an Alaskan cruise can be fun….but the last time I went to Las Vegas, I was a whale. I wanted to experience Vegas a little bit of a skinnier weight.

After booking our trip, it has now come to my attention that I am not a prostitute looking model, and I don’t think I’m ready for Vegas just yet. To try and fit in, I decided to buy myself one of those high waisted bikinis; oh my goodness, TRAINWRECK. Well, Ronnie says I look good from the waist up, and I would have to agree. From waist down though, I look like I’m wearing one of those crossfit tires I need to flip over a thousand times over. Anyway, so now I have decisions to make, monokini, bikini (haha), tankini (obviously) or just a plain mommy looking speedo bathingsuit!

Help! Suggestions! Vegas in 5 days… I’m stuck in such a large floating pickle right now!

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