Ok, so it’s a known fact that I love restaurants! Who doesn’t? My mom sometimes, well actually all the time, tells me it’s bad for me to eat at restaurants. While I understand where she’s coming from, and the good she means, I have other views on restaurants. I could be wrong, but if I am, I would like someone to explain to me why they would rather sit at home, (at times alone) in your house, instead of having someone cook for you, clean up after you, give you new silverware after you’re done eating, and then serve you desert? I’m sorry, but eating at restaurants; either a hole in the wall, or a five star just makes me feel like royalty. In my mind, there are pros and cons to eating at restaurants, I will explain my points now.


no dishes to clean

– you have a reason to eat with your pants on

– someone serves you

– the food is probably more delicious than you can possibly create on your own, in a matter of 7 minutes.



you don’t realize what’s going into the food

– You don’t know if someone has peed, spit, left hair or given you chewed up food

– You don’t really realize the amount that you’re eating, because these days restaurants tend to be extremely generous with their portion sizes.

I know that you don’t always realize what goes into your food, but I mean, you can always ask the waiter or waitress to modify an order to be less oily or less saucy. Although, with alterations to your orders, can sometimes come with consequences (please see above, where I mentioned pee in the dish).

My point is, I love restaurants. Always have, and I always will. Just because I step foot into an all you can eat buffet (which I won’t) doesn’t mean I don’t know how to make the right choices.

Word Of Advice: Brown rice is always a healthier choice than white rice.

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