Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

This year has been something spectacular and I am so happy and so proud of myself. I’ve learned so much, gained so much knowledge, and lost so much fat off my body! I have learned that I am amazing, and no one can bring me down. I’ve learned that people really just speak mean things about me because they’re just jealous that they aint me. I have learned that the mean people from my past, are still very mean, and will never change. Where I have lost weight, I’ve gained knowledge- I’ve learned how to eat properly, how to look at food different, and how to not let food rule me. I’ve lost three effing 18 wheeler tire trucks off my body! I’ve also learned the hard way to eat slowly (that sh@# kills).

While I’ve said hello to a whole new me this year, it’s time I say goodbye to many other things.  I would like to firstly, say goodbye to my old 1X 2X clothing. While you look great on me, and you make me look thinner than I am; I don’t want to ever fit into you again. You are bad clothing for me, and I am sure you will find a much nicer home with much better owners who will hang you up on hangers and fold you in drawers.  Goodbye to my nasty attitude toward the mean girls from elementary and high school. Karma is a B word, and the words in my blog won’t affect you. While there are a million things I would like to say to you, and would love to hurt your feelings, I will not. I’m letting go of all that negative energy, and wish nothing but the best for you… I guess. Goodbye to my old nasty habits. Snacking at night, snacking all the time, eating everything is not something I need to be doing anymore. Goodbye to grazing- you are a nasty habit and it’s time we break up.  Goodbye to staying up late, and waking up early. Goodbye to caring so much what people think. Goodbye to making fun of myself (ok, not really, because that’s my therapy)

I am so happy with where I am. While I may not be at my goal weight as of yet,  I am not giving up. I won’t leave my positive attitude on my weight loss behind in 2013, that s!@# needs to come with me into 2014. Here’s to 2014, and getting into ONEderland (for all you skinny people, that means here’s to me getting into the one hundreds)

I love everyone. I am so happy I started on this journey, and so happy that I started this blog. Without the support of my friends and family and companion Donald, I don’t think I would have made it this far.

Here’s to losing the last 40 pounds in 2014!


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  1. Reesa · January 5, 2014

    Good for you and good luck with reaching your goal!

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