That’s What Mommys Are For!

Today my mom thought it would be a nice idea to FaceTime me…

I pick up and the first thing that lovely lady says to me is “Wow, you look terrible!”. Old me would have gotten offended, and hung up.  I just told her she looked fat. She laughed. I laughed. I know I’m pretty.

Some days, I don’t like to wear makeup. I like to wear makeup for special occasions, or when I want to feel extra special. Some of my best pictures are actually makeup free! Come to think of it, my mom actually never liked when I wore makeup as a teenager. She would either call me “whore eyes” or “Raccoon eyes”. She’s a really sweet lady, I promise. Anyway, girls shouldn’t have to depend on makeup to make themselves look prettier, but my mom is right that I should brush my hair before I leave the house!


Love you Mommy!

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