Sick Days

Being sick sucks. I just want my Mommy. But not really, because she says that I complain too much when I’m sick. I’m trying so hard to blow my nose because it’s so blocked, but my damn boogies won’t come out! There are some plus sides to being sick. Sick days, back rubs, attention…However, the most important one is loss of appetite. But….. knowing me, the whole loss of appetite thing doesn’t work for me. I still want to eat. I just wish I could get a little boost and not be hungry for a bit! There must be something wrong with me… I can’t be fully sick then. That means I don’t get any sick days or back rubs… Weh. Also, my ears are blocked, so I can’t really hear myself speak or hear, so whenever I whisper, people think I’m mad at them. I do hate a lot of people, but I wouldn’t yell in public, and make a spectacle of myself.

I’m at work. I want to go home to my bed and forget about the world. Someone please come tickle my back…please!

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