New Years Resolutions!

New Years resolutions suck. It’s always the same crap- ” I want to lose ten pounds”, “I’m going to start running”, “I’m going to join the gym”… People are such liars. I’ve been a liar my whole life, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on memberships to gyms that I’ve never walked into, and I’ve lost ten pounds to gain back twenty. So instead of the usual resolutions of weight loss, and gym memberships, I’m thinking of this new fun and free resolution, which is….-Smiling. SMILING is free, and fun, and makes angry people even angrier when you cut them off in traffic! Smiling also makes cheekbones look really defined without makeup, and also gives off this beautiful glow. Smiling also shows off my collar bones when I do it really drastically and look like a movie star.

I have many reasons to smile. Reasons such as, that  I’m finally in ONEderland,  I arrived there back in November, and I’ve stayed there. I’ve even lost two more pounds while on vacation. (I got sick sometime between New Years and now, so it might have helped with the weight loss). Also, my lovey dovey boyfriend, Donald Cho is no longer my boyfriend. He’s my fiancé and I’m finally Fiancé Knowles! I can now smile even more knowing that I have a beautiful day to plan, with my beautiful man friend! Also, I have to fit into a wedding dress, so I’ll probably take a break from smiling during that time, because wedding dress shopping is never fun. Actually, any dress shopping with any parental figure isn’t fun–Love you Mom, don’t take it personally!

So, all jokes aside… I’m setting small goals for myself. Like losing thirty pounds by tomorrow, all by smiling.

If I could keep going at the rate I’m going now, then I could totally lose 0.5 pounds a week before the wedding! I need all the help and encouragement I can get!

One comment

  1. Irving · January 23, 2015

    First Mazal Tov. You did not stay for the end of the meeting so I did not get to wish you in person and give you a hug. Next time.

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