Hotel Towels, The Enemy.

Okay, seriously… what is the deal with hotel towels? Since when did it become okay for us, cherished guests to dry ourselves off with a washcloth? Dear Hotel Towel Makers, you really need to reevaluate your game, because soon enough you’ll find me drying off in an actual bed sheet.. walking around fancy hotel lobbies in a makeshift toga. Don’t try me, I am not afraid.

Let’s get real- hand towels are NOT bath towels. I go to hotels, not only to clean them out of all bathroom amenities, but to use all the finer things which are not offered to me at home (and ¬†for obvious reasons, like shelter!) I like hotels mainly for the first class¬†shower caps, slippers, and one million thread count bed sheets…just to name a few. Even healthy sized individuals have an issue wrapping these microscopic “towels” around themselves. It’s a worldwide problem- why isn’t anyone doing anything about it? If the sole reason of making towels so small is so I won’t take them, ya’ll are in for a big surprise, I will gladly stuff them into my suitcase! In fact, since they’re made so small, I can fit double the amount in my luggage. My dog will love his new paw cleaners.

Hotel Towel Makers, please be considerate of others. I will stop stealing your towels if you start making them in appropriate sizing. I am just trying to help others. It hurts us.