Chopstick Legs & Tire Tummy

I’ve said it a million times, and I will say it once more, I hate jeans. People who know me know that I live in leggings. While I’ve come to learn that leggings are not the most fashion appropriate for work, and social outings, they are the only form of leg coverings that fit me perfectly, and flatter my chopstick legs.

Am I the only pleasantly plump person who suffers from this weird body type? I mean, it’s the strangest thing- I have  gluge (stomach), which is a lot bigger than my butt and legs. I do not have a bum, or legs. My legs are straws compared to the rest of my body (perhaps because there is so much weight to carry). So why can’t we find leggings with a big waist, and skinny legs? I’ve tried regular jeans, while wearing the underwear with built in butt pads to fill the void, but I just looked like I was hiding water balloons in my bum region. The only other solution I have is jeggings… I need to stay away from the “eggings”… speaking of, I hate eggs.

All this to say, is that, while I would love to wear jeans, it just won’t work for me, because there is no such thing as jeans for my body type.

Listening for any and all suggestions.

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