So what’s this whole blog thing about anyway? I’m supposed to make an online diary entry for the world to see? Guess I’ll start this blog thing then— I’m FAT! I can’t remember the last time I was skinny. Actually, skinny has never been part of my life. When lovely, beautiful me was brought into this world, I surprised my parents with my abnormally long, abnormally large self–SURPRISE!

FastForward twenty five years… I’m still fat; obese as the doctors like to call it, unhealthy as my mother likes to call it, and disgusting as I like to call it. I think I have done every diet imaginable. Tried SlimFast, Weight Watchers (currently on that- working great, as i’m writing this eating a bag of chips), NurtiSystem, Resort for fellow overweight friends, low carb, no carb- EVERYTHING!

I guess we’ll start with a story? So three years ago I’m at WalMart, and I pick out this cute (well at least what I think is cute) sweater cape– my mother decides to yell at the top of her lungs “that’s a sweater for fat people“, I love my Jewish mother who cannot keep her thoughts to herself or pretend for one moment to like what I like, a winner from across the row yells ” Oh, she’s not fat, she’s just pleasantly plump”, thanks, lovely American stranger, way to make me feel like a blimp!

I’ve decided that I’m exhausted at looking in the mirror and seeing the Michelin Man..

February 4th 2013, was the day I got my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery. Here I will discuss my struggles.

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  1. Serena Jacques · February 21, 2013

    Hey! You might recall me as the one who requested your blog address… Or as the person awkwardly late.

    I’ve read some of your blog and had a good laugh; because I totally get it. I love writing but haven’t really blogged about my weight loss (this time around) but reading yours inspires me.

    I’m a little socially awkward.. Fine… Awkward in general… Friends? (This may or may not include tea/coffee/nail painting and talking about boys) lol I think you have my email. To idles!

    • Serena Jacques · February 21, 2013

      Yeah that was supposed to say toodles.

  2. Catpeople · October 22, 2013

    Hillary, you are beautiful! When we talked, as I said my work friend is big, but there are medical issues that go with that territory too! Even psychiatric issues when people eat to feel good, in the head?! Overweight can be many factors, and sugar is an addiction, I LOVE SUGAR, YES BABY!!!!!!!!!! However, in my case, I am near 60, and been told by many many I can look like a sister to my daughters, but I do not take it to my head and act like I am better then her or him, I was born that way, (didn’t Lady Gaga say that, LOL). Keeping off the pounds is very challenging. Instead of people calling me names about FAT (I am yelling in my head), how about this one “how tall are you”, WTF, I got it and still get it all my friggin life – I am 5 feet and a friggin 1/2″, and sooooooo, when buddy said that I haven’t grown to put me on the spot, I told buddy “nope, I can still see the bald spot on top of your head”. You are what you are, and if people cannot accept that, screw you, (like your title, haha). Ya, even my grand piano is taller, at least I can use it! Hang out with the people you know love you, laugh with you and cry with you.

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