A Word Worse Than Moist


I cringe and grind my teeth the moment I hear someone use the word moist. There’s just something so gross and yucky about this word. Hard to imagine that there could be a word worse than moist, however, I think I got it… DIET. I hate it. Notice how the inventor of the word secretly put the word “die” in there? It’s torture. Like actually. Diets deprive you of food, make you unhappy, make you lose friends, because you can’t go to movies and eat fat people popcorn, or go out for fun greasy meals at 3:00am.  Diets all do the same thing…at the end, all lead to the same result… a big fat failure. As a person who loves food, it becomes hard to diet after every twenty pounds you put on. Instead of going to the gym I just want to try out this new all you can eat sushi place, or go see the newest movie with buttery popcorn (and now they give you these toppings for free, yummy) Anyway, that summer when I went away to fat camp, I kept telling myself the same thing over and over again “Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels” I will stick by that.


Order Accordingly

So we didn’t go for Chinese last night, I was a little bummed, until I stuffed my face at Moishes. It was delicious! I need to learn when to stop though, because it was so good I just kept eating. I should have just brought tupperware with me and brought the rest home for breakfast. Because you know, its cool to eat Shish Kebab and Monte Carlo potato for breakfast. I don’t want to be one of those bubbies that walks into the restaurants and takes a doggy bag. I sit in the corner, and do it discretely. I’m kidding, I don’t do it. I just lied, I’ve done it once before. Me and Chow went to this all you can eat sushi place in Downtown Montreal, and we stuffed our faces silly. We had an entire plate of sushi left, and nowhere to put it. I had no clean tupperwares left in my bag, so I had no choice, but to wrap it in a napkin and shove it in my bag. After our ice cream, yes, we ordered ice cream after that monster meal, I completely forgot about the sushi wrapped in paper towel in my bag. On the way home I open my bag to the smell of fish, nasty, and Chow takes it upon himself to throw a rather large napkin filled with sushi out the window on the highway. Poor guy behind us probably had california roll on his windshield.

All this being said, we order like normal people now.