Hey Hey Skinny Girls


Apparently, this post is mean, skinny girls, I love you. I’m just trying to get a bigger following! xoxo

What’s up skinny girls! Happy Friday to you! I’m loving the snow today, how about you? You know, I feel like skinny girls are super cold in the winter. All they have is their bones and stupid fall jackets and uggs that keep their feet cold and wet. I don’t feel sorry for you, eat something you skinny B!@#$, you could use some warmth this winter. You know what I LOVE? Seeing skinny people fall. HA! You skinny people have no balance, you’re all holding onto poles on the side of the road, and freezing your skinny boney bums off. I make natural heat! I just figured it out! That’s why they wear those silly looking Canada Goose jackets. Thanks to my darling friend at work Lucia Bernstein, who gave me a yummy afternoon treat yesterday, my toes were a little bit warmer this morning!  Sucks for you cold skinny people,  this warmth is free, you need to pay hundreds for yours. I WIN!


Do Your Pants Fall Down…


Am I the only one that has this issue as a fat plump girl? I wear what I think is this really fun outfit, only to find that an hour into my day my pants are falling down and I look like a beluga whale picking them up every five seconds. In the winter it works out well for me, because I wear these long puffy jackets and really high boots. If my pants fall down no one will see, and in the case someone does see… too bad for them. I think it’s because I have a larger waist and no bum. I’m not sure what I prefer at this point. Anyway, when I wear these pants, which are most of the time leggings, because come on, they’re the easiest thing to put on and go with absolutely EVERYTHING… I can’t lift boxes, raise my arms up, or dance like an uncontrollable silly penguin.

So, the question remains…am I the only one that suffers from pants-fall-down-daily syndrome?