Just Say No To Cake, or Just 6 Bites!

Yesterday was my birthday, and the rest of the week is birthday week. In honor of birthday week, I gave myself the opportunity to go nuts. Well not really, because I didn’t eat the entire piece of cake. I guess I’m starting to see how this whole smaller stomach thing is working. I’ve trained myself to not finish the last bite, and to not eat until I want to throw up and die. My mom, for the first time ever, encouraged me to eat cake. She bought me my most favorite ice cream cake in the world. Mint Chocolate Chip. Just thinking about it kind of makes me want some more. I tasted it, had a couple of bites, and then was able to tell myself when to stop. I think that was my biggest accomplishment, and best birthday present to myself. Today at work, we had cake again for me, because I’m really special and people like to spoil me. I had Carrot Caramel Cheesecake. This cake is so delicious it needs its own blog post, but I won’t do that, because it’s an extremely fat thing of me to do. Anyway, this cake was the perfect combination of cheesecake and carrot cake. I ate six little bites. I savored each bite, and then I gave the rest of my leftovers to someone who was 2 pounds soaking wet and needed it more than I did.

I’m expecting candles in at least one meal per day until Sunday, considering this is birthday week. So far, I have accomplished a lot by not finishing the cake. It’s never the last bite, and at the end of the day, who needs an entire piece of cake– my fat bum sure doesn’t!

Changes Are Good

So I went to Uncle Shnotty and Auntie Anastasias house this weekend to visit and show them how amazing I look. Only 1 of 3 children were there… the most entertaining one- R! Usually R likes to grab me inappropriately or rest his head on my “pillows”. For the first time ever, little almost 7 year old R, didn’t touch me like I was a life-sized doll, he just hugged me and I felt so normal. That’s how I know that I lost some weight. 

Also, on that note, I must also tell the world that I tried on jeans today for the first time since surgery. THEY FIT! I still have the saggy leg part, but I’m happy because I’m not wearing my fat girl jeans anymore. (Not that I ever wore fat girl jeans, they just looked like fat girl jeans because I liked to wear them so high…or so low, depending on the outfit.)

Today is a good day, I’m happy, and still breathing in my not so tight jeans!