Bite Size Portions


I’m not one for fancy meals. However, I can tell you that I am also not one who enjoys fast food. In the one time that I had a Big Mac, (thanks Holly Netherwood), with every bite I took, I felt as though I was chewing a part of a cows ear. When it comes to fancy restaurants, I like to get dressed up. I must tell you that I am not one of those fancy girls that likes when they serve me the little piece of children’s size fish portion, and a dab of perfectly placed fancy special sauce. What is that? Who actually walks out of these restaurants and says “Oh My God, am I ever full. I am never eating  again”. You’re not full. That’s ridiculous. That’s one bite for a normal person. These meals mostly drive me crazy, because you are forced to eat them throughout an entire hour long meal sitting. One bite sized piece is cold after just five seconds of it being placed in front of you. If I am paying $55 for a hot shrimp, give me a stupid hot shrimp and not a warm shrimp. I’m getting frustrated and hungry all at the same time thinking about this.

I’m thinking all you can eat tonight. Much better than those measly portions. Ew.