Pleasantly Perfect-ish



You know you’re insanely bored when you start to stalk yourself on Facebook. I’m not ashamed to say that I did just that for the last fifteen minutes. Usually when I’m bored, I look up some awful persons profile that did me wrong in the past. I start at their first pictures from 2006-2007, when they were really thin and good looking, and believed in wearing makeup and grooming themselves. Then… I make way up to 2013. I giggle a bit, and start to feel super good when  I notice the majority of the pictures just keep getting worse and worse, and the grooming habits start showing less. I notice a lot more duckfaces and hiding behind walls and leaning over and stuff. I know the picture tricks, trust me, just look at my old 2007 pictures.

While Facestalking myself, I noticed that my pictures are going from gross to fantastic. Is it wrong that I keep staring at pictures of myself? Like, I actually think I’m beautiful, and my pictures really show how happy I am and not fake. By the way haters, I hope you’re looking at my page and going: ” damn girl, I was mean to that pretty little thang, now look at her…. mmhmmm”

I feel pretty.

This post is in no way to make other peoples misfortunes make me feel better about myself. I’m not a bully and wish happiness and butterflies for everyone. Everyone is special in their own special way.