Confidence Boost



So, this morning I woke up, and got one the scale. I liked what I saw, so I made it a point to let everyone know how good I felt about myself today. I busted out a pair of un-torn panty hose, a short dress and my high heel hunters. Let me just tell you– I have gotten 3 “you’re so sexy”‘s, 5 “your legs look so great” and 7 of the usual “you’re gorgeous”… I did get 1 “you have such a pretty face”, however, I chose to ignore that one. What made me feel especially proud of the way I looked today, was that I got a compliment, from a very honest, well dressed, male fashonista on my way to work. That just boosted me up 5 feet, and now I’m feeling like sexy King Kong!

Also, my face is getting smaller now, so people are starting to notice when I don’t groom my eyebrows. Now that I feel pretty, and people are looking at my face more than my tire, I’m going to need to up these grooming habits.