So lately, all I see on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, is people eating “clean” and “healthy”. I really don’t know what this means, but I have a pretty good idea. Clean eating; we should eat and drink windex, mr.clean, vim, right? I get it, no McDonalds, no Wendy’s, basically nothing fried? I kind of want to fit in, so I’m getting really annoying on all social media websites, and adding pictures of everything I eat, and the food I don’t finish. When it comes to taking my instagram shots, no matter the angle, or lighting, somehow my food pictures always manage to look like puke on a plate. However, I’ve managed to go along with the whole clean eating thing, and I can make a bagel and a hard boiled egg look fantastic!  I kind of feel good, and really happy that I’ve gotten through 2 days. I have to say though, I know I should feel great and really happy and more energized, but every time I walk by that unholy vending machine, I just want to stick my hand in and take one of those White Chocolate Kit Kat Bars. I’m still trying to figure out how to walk by it and not get Helga aroused.

I’m not going to lie, I kind of really enjoy packing lunches now. I feel like a Mommy preparing lunches for the kiddies, except it’s me packing my lunch full of snacks and different food merchandise. Healthy eating, and preparing can be a little fun, I guess!

I’m going to try this new fun thing where I add my daily menu to the blog, and see if that helps in motivating me.


– 1/4 bagel

– 1 hard boiled egg

– 1 pcs. provolone cheese

Snack: (the best part of my day)

– Tuna & Crackers snack pack


– 3 oz. smoked turkey

– 15 almonds

– 1 cucumber

Afternoon Snack: (Second best part of my day)

– Activia Yogurt

– 100 Calorie Pack of Cookies

Dinner: (currently being crocked in the pot)

– meatballs stuffed with an insane amount of spinach in tomato sauce


I’m well aware that there’s a lot of food going on here, however, since my weight hadn’t moved in a long time, I decided to switch the diet up a bit to see if anything would change. Obviously the two snacks weren’t the greatest option, however, when I have lunch at 12, it’s easy to get hungry bored during the day. Between 1-5 those are my two snacks. It may be bad, but at least I’m not shoving a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese down my throat.




Grandma Gilly and Papa Zack



Last night I went to visit my Grandma Gillian and Papa Zack. I’m so lucky to have grandparents. Grandma Gillian really knows how to make a fat girl feel fat. I also just want to mention, that she reminded me she didn’t call them $5 Sugar Coffees, she actually called them $5 Boutique Coffees. Anyway, while FaceTime-ing with the entire family, she turns the camera over to me and says “Take a look, this is the last time you will see Fat Hillary. Say goodbye”. I guess at a certain age, you lose your filter and you’re allowed to say whatever you want. Papa Zack is the nicest man on this planet. He would do anything for his grandchildren, mostly for me– because I know I’m his favorite (Sorry M, J, C, A, R, D) 

So since Grandma Gilly told me this was the first day to the rest of my life since I started my liquid diet (DISGUSTING), she said I should take some before and after pictures. Any advice on these pictures? Should I do it Biggest Loser style, or just wear clothes that are extremely tight and make me look like a jolly giant.