A New Beginning

I feel so happy that I was able to share my news with everyone. I thought it would be more embarrassing than anything. But, to my surprise, I got nothing but support from everyone around me. People I haven’t spoken to in weeks, months, years wished me good luck and much success on this new chapter of my life. 

It’s crazy to think that I’m getting a second chance. Who knows how much more I could have taken, before I ballooned enough to be like Violet from Willy Wonka. With the doctors cutting out my stomach, it’s kind of like a new beginning. I’m starting off like a baby again. The first couple of weeks it’s liquid, soon after, purees, and then I can slowly start on the solid food a couple of months later. Speaking of liquid, I start this liquid diet on Wednesday! I’m more scared than anything because I don’t trust myself to not go to the fridge, and sneak a little something here and a little something there. 

I have enjoyed my last weekend of solid food. Actually, I shouldn’t say that. I will be able to eat solid food again, however, in decent sized portions, which is something I have never done before. Christina Hane and I went out for Chinese this weekend. It was a GoodBYE to food. I have never felt so sick in my life, and I don’t think i will ever eat Chinese again. 


Anyway, I’m beginning to rant… 


I’m Sick

Hey Y’all, 

So I’m not sure if its sad that I enjoy being sick. The doctors say its gastro or the flu, who knows, whatever it is, it isn’t pleasant. I spent Saturday night in the hospital with an IV, it wasn’t fun. They put me on this metal board to sleep on, while all the skinny folks got real hospital beds with rails.  Anyway, after my first day of regurgitating all food that entered my system, I was thrilled to get on the scale the next morning. I was so happy to see that I had lost four pounds. Now, I want to go to the fridge and eat everything in sight. However, I know that I will probably hate myself later for it. My mommy made me the yummiest chicken soup, I was so upset when I was only able to eat one bite, because it’s just so deliciously yummy and you can tell it was made with love. Back to bed for now. If anyone wants to come take care of me, I’ll forward you my address and give you a mask!