All The Single Ladies, All The Single Ladies…



I’m sitting here, thinking of things to say. Nothing can come out, because my brain is just overflowing with emotions and thoughts and bad energy. While my self destructive fat girl inside me would instruct me to walk to the vending machine, and buy a bag of chips, I have decided to sit at my desk, like a normal individual and just tell myself how utterly spectacular and amazing I am. Instead of eating my emotions, I will drink my emotions, with water (duh), instead of feeling sorry for myself, I will feel good about myself and all the things I have accomplished. Instead of thinking that I can’t do any better, I’ll remember that I’m worth it, and people should be lucky to have me in their lives. One important thing I have learned, is that people will walk in and out of your lives, but only the true friends, and true people will stick through the hard times and really be there for you when you need it most.  Nobody wants to be friends with the sad fat girl that talks about her emotional issues. No one wants to hear my depressing story again, and I sure as hell don’t want to hear it again.

I have decided that instead of eating and feeling sorry for myself, I will listen to Beyoncé, and I will listen to this powerful woman sing powerful songs to me. Beyoncé really knows how to put people in their place, and tell Independent women how to feel better. Going through my surgery, I have learned not to let food be my friend. Food will not help me, it will only destroy me and make me a weaker person. Food will not tell me that everything will be ok. Food will not tell me to go out and do something for myself.  There are other ways to get past issues and bumps in the road. So now, instead of sitting here, feeling sorry for myself, and being sad and depressed, I will make it my mission to meet Beyoncé and have her perform for me. Just me. And Beyoncé. Maybe Blue can come too.

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.